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Today marks the beginning of an irregular feature called Today in CO-IN. Each feature we'll examine an event or trend in the Mideast and how Counter-Insurgency theory can help us understand what's going on, and what happens next.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More Marines for Afghanistan?

Late the 4th quarter last year, a Marine Corps proposal to take over the majority of combat ops in Afghanistan was rejected by Bob Gates, but not without some significant debate in the military. However, according to the Pentagon, CENTCOM has made a request for approximately 3000 Marines to reinforce NATO forces ahead of the spring offensive. Traditionally, spring has brought increased fighting in war-torn Afghanistan, because this is almost the only season when the weather is consistently favorable and temperatures are less extreme.
Any Marines headed to Afghanistan would be there for a one-time deployment and would not be replaced after their 7 month rotation is up. Word is 24th MEU might be preparing to head there instead of deploying with the Nassau Strike Group as planned, however nothing is planned and neither a deployment order or warning order has been received by the Camp Lejuene based MEU.

Full Story from Army Times

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